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Newborn Workshop with Jillian Greenhill

Last weekend I attended a newborn photography workshop hosted by the Abu Dhabi based newborn photographer, Jillian Greenhill. The workshop was held in Manchester so it was a fairly long drive from London but very worthwhile indeed. The workshop started early on Saturday morning and there were 7 other photographers. Three newborn babies had been arranged as models – two boys and a girl. Jill has brought some of her lovely props with her from Abu Dhabi.  We covered all sorts of topics such as pre-shoot information for the parents, prop styling and then of course once the models arrived Jill posed them for us and all the photographers were able to take a few shots of the babies in the various poses. Jill is excellent with newborns and her wrapping techniques were amazing. She was able to soothe the newborns and get them to sleep quite quickly. This allowed all of the photographers to see how a newborn should be handled during the session and the best ways to get the newborn to sleep so the various poses can be executed. I got some really good photographs (although the babies have been posed by Jill). After all the babies had left, Jill also went through her editing techniques with us and this was also very helpful. It was a long day and we only left the studio at about 19:00.

I met some really great people and learnt a great deal too. I am very keen to put what I learnt on the workshop into practise and newborn photography is an area of mine that needs to improve. If you are the parent of a newborn (under 12 days old) or will be having a baby in the nxt few weeks, please get in touch with me. I would love to photograph your newborn for you. The session will be a practise session for me so it will not cost you anything and all photos will be free too. I cannot promise images like the ones in this post, but I will try my best to get something very similar!

A photo from the newborn workshop

Jillian Greenhill Workshop-14-EditChloe1Jillian Greenhill2Jillian Greenhill4

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