London Family Photographer
8. November


It has been a little over a year since I last photographed Paul and he has grown so much. We had a great time playing outside and hiding from monsters and playing with slugs!

Paul Guntrip-2 Paul Guntrip-3 Paul Guntrip-4 Paul Guntrip-5 Paul Guntrip-6 Paul Guntrip-7 Paul Guntrip-8 Paul Guntrip-9 Paul Guntrip-10 Paul Guntrip-11 Paul Guntrip-12 Paul Guntrip-13 Paul Guntrip-14 Paul Guntrip-15 Paul Guntrip-16 Paul Guntrip-17 Paul Guntrip-18 Paul Guntrip-19 Paul Guntrip-20

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