London Family Photographer
10. November

London Family Photographer – Plowman Family

I recently spent a morning with the Plowman family in Richmond Park. I had not yet met Thomas, the newest addition to the family, and he was quite a little character. The weather was chilly so we had to bundle up in warm coats and hats.


Plowman family 17 Plowman family 18 Plowman family 19 Plowman family 20 Plowman family-2 Plowman family-3 Plowman family-4 Plowman family-5 Plowman family-6 Plowman family-7 Plowman family-8 Plowman family-9 Plowman family-10 Plowman family-11 Plowman family-12 Plowman family-13 Plowman family-14 Plowman family-15 Plowman family-16 Plowman family

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