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4. January

London Family Photographer – Russell Family

As a London family photographer, one can never really take time off as families want photographs taken all year round. Silja had contacted me towards the end of 2014 and had wanted some family photographs taken before the family relocated to Hong Kong. We booked the session in and this was my first family photography session of 2015. As little Suvi is still quite small we decided to stay indoors for the photo shoot as it was a little cold in London that day. The apartment that the family were staying in prior to leaving for Hong Kong was lovely and bright so I was able to take all of the photographs with just the natural light within the apartment. I am primarily a natural light photographer so I really preferred this. I find that using natural light gives a more natural feel although sometimes in London studio lighting (artificial lighting) is needed if the day is dull and there is not sufficient light.

Suvi was such a great little model. She was happy and content being photographed and she did not cry once the whole time I was there taking photographs. She is also a very beautiful little girl and I am sure that she will break many hearts in the future. Silja is originally from Finland and I am sure her family will be happy to have some lovely photos of little Suvi as she will be a bit further away now that she is moving to Hong Kong.

I think it is wonderful to be able to take family photographs to share with family members who may not be able to see babies and children so often. Little ones change so quickly. This is one of the wonderful things about photography – it can capture moments in time that you will be able to remember and cherish forever. And these moments can be shared with extended family and friends through these photographs.

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